We make plans, God laughs. Spiritual questions explored.

Pray. Act. Reflect. Repeat.

This site explores the spiritual questions and answers that lead to more questions. It invites us all to understand that believing in God and responding to God’s call is a lifelong process. We are continually invited to explore what gifts and skills we have to support our communities in bringing God’s Kingdom to earth. In the process of making us more whole, more reconciled, more loved and more loving.

I also explore these questions in the podcast Pursuing Call.

Full disclosure: I am an Episcopalian. I am a progressive womanist theologian. I am a Christian. I am thinking about spirituality with this mixture of mainstreamed and marginalized identities.

What I’m thinking about

Theological Base

My Seminary thesis, Ordaining the Disinherited, explored the experience of women of color ordained priest in the Episcopal Church. In my research, I looked at the Canons (rules) of the church. It explicitly stated that we should be creating options for discernment for all believers, not just those seeking ordained ministry. Raising two questions: what…

Why I love the Terrell Show

I honestly can’t remember what semester in Seminary my friend introduced me to the Terrell show because…what is time… but at some point, it became the only thing I watched. Writing a thesis on ordination, doing my full time job, listening to Omar Sosa and watching the Terrell Show (repeat). It was a cycle of…

What is Church part 2: Jesus on the Bar Stool

As I continue to look back in old files, I keep finding content that basically affirms the questions I continue to explore. This article was printed a few years ago in the Diocese of Long Island publication that asked, ” where do I see Jesus today?” God is everywhere and yet we often limit where…